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Individual language courses & educational paths in Oxford

Schüler auf Sprachreise
Schüleraustausch St Clare's, Oxford
Sprachreiseagentur Frankfurt
Unsere Programme

Our Programs

Language travel, stay abroad, study orientation and individual education in one. Take advantage of our advisory service for students and high school graduates in Oxford.

For more than 10 years we have been supporting parents and young people in planning individual educational trips to Great Britain. In the variety of international offers, you quickly lose orientation. Based on many years of experience, we were able to identify the best offer for you. 

Unlike other education consultants, we focus on our trusted education partner in Oxford. After all, our international partner school offers all the advantages that are crucial for promoting young talent:

  • World-class international education for academic excellence at an IB World School 

  • Further training based on potential analyzes to promote individual talents and interests (e.g. promoting talents in music, art and sports)

  • A college and career counseling program run by accredited counselors allows graduates to carefully consider their options.

  • With outstanding academic results, international understanding and strong personal development, the graduates are particularly interesting for top universities and employers

No additional costs will occur for the advice and travel planning in our office in Frankfurt am Main. Contact us without obligation on +49 69 71402640 or send us a contact request

Schüler und Schülerinnen bei der Graduation
Sprachreise nach Oxford
Sprachreise England

International Baccalaureate

Complete the International Baccalaureate Diploma at an IB World School with over 40 years of experience.

International College

Take the opportunity of a gap year between school and university and prepare yourself for university with a preparatory course.

Summer courses

Various courses for the age groups 11-16 years, 14-17 years and 18+ years are offered over the summer.


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The most frequently asked questions about our consulting services.

01 Are there additional costs for the consultation?

The advice in our Frankfurt office and the support with the registration do not incur any additional costs.

02 For which target groups are the educational trips suitable?

The educational trips are suitable for teenagers (11-17 years) and adults. Depending on the age group, a suitable program will be selected.

03 How are the students accommodated?

In comfortable twin or triple rooms within walking distance of Oxford city centre. In addition,  common rooms are available.

04 Are meals already included in the total price?

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included. Attention is paid to a healthy and balanced diet, and intolerances are also taken into account.

05 Does the advisory office also take care of other travel planning (e.g. flights)?

We are happy to support you with further travel planning, the flight tickets and airport transfers are not included in the price.

06 Is it possible to visit St Clare's before the trip?

St. Clare's in Oxford offers on-site discovery and guided tours. Please contact our office to coordinate appointments.

07 How can one imagine the individual educational program?

The courses are challenging and varied. An individual timetable is put together based on the talents and interests of the students and high school graduates.

08 How much does it cost to do an educational program in Oxford?

We are happy to offer you a free consultation based on your needs and provide you with a non-obligatory offer.

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